About Us

financial-servicesDIS2010 Consulting works with start-up companies to provide comprehensive accounting, financial, and human resource services.

Our goal is to provide you with the detailed, expert support and communication to allow you to focus on what you love and provide you the peace of mind in knowing you have a financial plan to succeed!

Our services include: accounts reconciliation, assist with setting up policies and controls, track your Accounts Payable, and manage your Accounts Receivable, set up payroll and benefits, manage employee onboarding process, and cover all of your compliance needs, from local taxes to annual taxes.

Looking to raise a new round of capital? Looking to get acquired? Or just seeking out debt financing? We’ll guide you through the process.

Planning on rapid growth? We’ll help you get there by analyzing key drivers.

We’ll provide you with a dashboard that maps out your future, so there are no surprises.

Alicia Lawrence
292 Glendale Avenue
Glendale CA 91204