How to increase productivity with Microsoft Word

If you find yourself using Microsoft word quite often, the chances are that you will appreciate discovering new tips on how to increase your productivity with Microsoft Word the worldwide leading program. According to experts, people who use Word only use 10% of the available features. The rest is untouched.

Tip number 1

There are instances when you’ll need to highlight a paragraph, a sentence or text in Word. Most people know how to do this using a mouse. But they could also hold the Ctrl key before clicking within the sentence they want to highlight.

If you click a paragraph thrice, the whole block will be highlighted. Also, if you hold the ALT key and click anywhere in your document, you will end up highlighting that area of text.

Tip number 2

The clipboard word is the tool you need is regularly used for moving text/images. Nevertheless, the clipboard tool can increase your productivity when you take advantage of the Spike feature. The Spike feature provides a handy way to cut multiple texts and images before pasting them to a new location, all at once.

Also, you can select a paragraph of text and then hold CTRL+F3 to move that content into the Spike. You can do this as many times as you like. Every selection will be added into the spike as well. Finally, place the cursor where you want the Spike info while holding Ctrl+Shift+F3 so that everything can be pasted.

Tip number 3

When you open a long document you had previously saved on Microsoft Word; you can use Shift+F5 to jump immediately to where you had left. Also, pressing the two combinations of buttons severally will take you to all spots you had previously edited.

Tip number 4

This one is a killer technique that you must familiarise yourself with. Most of us get frustrated when they copy paste information from Microsoft Word to another program only for the formatting to disappear.

That niggling problem can be taken away using this strategy. If you’re using WordPress or some other web application, you will find it extremely useful.

In Word 2010/2013 versions, go to file, option, advanced. Then scroll down to cut>copy>paste. This feature lets you control how the text will appear in different scenarios.

Tip number 5

boost your business productivityThe Format Painter is a very useful tool in Microsoft Word. It looks like a paintbrush and is located in the clipboard area towards the left side of the screen.

This feature is used to copy the format of all text in word. For instance, if working with some highly coloured script and would like to work with that format in another document, position the cursor inside that text and then click the format painter.

Drag the mouse highlighting the text you want to apply the format to. Also, if you double-click the format painter, you will be able to apply that formatting in different areas.


Those tips will help you increase your productivity with Microsoft Word. Master them to work faster with the program. Of course it takes a little bit of getting used to some of the hidden features in Word. But the more frequent you utilise them, the more you grow accustomed to using them.

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